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About AllMed

Founded in 1995, AllMed Healthcare Management is an independent review organization that provides comprehensive physician review solutions to payer and provider organizations across the nation. Our team integrates with yours, with medical, copy editing and customer resources that enable you to improve both your services and business goals. Our clients include leading health plans, medical management organizations, TPAs, disability carriers, hospital groups and ambulatory surgery centers.

An Extension of Your Team

Extension of your team

Our passionate and talented team is committed to helping you succeed. Our goal is to consistently exceed your expectations for quality, turnaround time and customer service.

Best Reflection of your Company

best reflectionAllMed delivers superior quality medical reviews that provide the most professional and thoughtful reflection of your company to your members.

Specialized Physicians

Our specialists (over 400 board-certified, licensed physicians) are in active practice and on the cutting edge of what's most effective for each patient.

Clinical Staff

Through our MedConsult Hotline our physicians personally talk to clients, explain complexities and provide free advice.


Management Team

Our proactive management team is dedicated to building and maintaining the highest quality services for our clients.

AllMed team

We are always looking for talented individuals dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction to join our team.

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