Not up-to-date with The Joint Commission's standards? Aren't sure how to approach internal review? Download free case studies, white papers and guides to learn the best practices and how an IRO an help achieve those standards that save time and money, and best benefit you and your client.

Marketing Page Health Plan Case Study
Discover how one large health plan uses AllMed to help independently scrutinize their complex and questionable cases while maintaining quality and ensuring that patients are receiving the best possible care.
Marketing Page Medical Review Solutions Brochure
Download our brochure and learn how AllMed's payer solutions improve quality and reduce costs for health insurance carriers, medical management organizations, and TPAs.
Marketing Page Managing Conflict of Interest in a Rural Facility
Learn how a smaller rural facility uses AllMed's external peer review solutions to manage conflicts of interest and improve turnaround time on sensitive performance issues.
File American Health Holding Case Study
Working with AllMed helped American Health Holding provide medical management services in a time and cost-efficient manner.
File Q-elements Case Study
AllMed's staff makes sure that payers, like Q-elements, that process over 300 pre-authorizations a month, meet compliance standards.
File Capital BlueCross Case Study
To help ensure the best possible care for patients, Capital BlueCross sends complex and questionable review cases to AllMed to be objectively scrutinized.
File HealthGuard Case Study
Looking for ways to improve their review process, increase access to physicians and make their internal review process easier, HealthGuard of Lancaster, Penn. hired AllMed as an external review resource. With AllMed, HealthGuard is able to consistently meet tough Pennsylvania state regulations and deadlines.
File Bay Area Hospital Case Study
To avoid conflicts-of-interest, a small hospital sends cases to AllMed for review in groups, bringing about systematic and organizational improvements to the hospital and increasing patient safety in the process.
File How to Apply the Joint Commission Standards to Hospital Peer Review - A Practical Guide
Understanding the impact of the Joint Commission standards and explains is imperative to credentialing and priveleging requirements. AllMed suggests best practices for managing the expanded role of internal and external review.
File How IROs Keep Costs Down
Save money by outsourcing reviews to Independent Review Organizations. Read how IROs keep costs at a minimum.
File Best Practices for Enhancing Hospital Quality
Avoid the drag of internal peer review by reading AllMed's 15 practices that create the best and most efficient peer review process.
File Best Practices in Hospital Peer Review
The guide offers suggestions to curb the problem of inadequate hospital peer review through the use of an independent review organization (IRO). It includes guidelines for implementing the best practices for hospital peer review and choosing the right IRO.
File Hospital Peer Review Services
Many hospitals struggle with peer review for a multitude of reasons, including subjectivity and lack of time. Using an IRO like AllMed solves these problems by providing objective, knowledgeable and time and cost efficient review.
File Peer Review Scorecard
A downloadable self-assessment tool for hospitals.
File Medical Review Standards Guide
File Anti-SLAPP Statutes and Peer Review
ALM Law Journal Newsletter Special Edition: California Supreme Court Renders Historic Decision.
File Medical Staff in Need of Change
Explore a revolutionary way to reorganize your medical staff. With demands on hospital medical staffs growing more complex, the days of volunteer or popularly elected medical staff leaders are fading fast. Take a look at the history of medical staff leadership and learn about dramatic changes that could make your medical staff function more smoothly.
File Amendment 7: The Patients’ Right To Know Flexes Its Muscle In Florida
The Florida “Patients’ Right to Know Amendment” or as it is often referred to “Amendment 7,” continues to eviscerate the peer review privileges which prevented the disclosure of information revealed during the course of a peer review proceeding brought against a physician or other healthcare provider in Florida.
File Credentialing Case Law Trends—Who’s Winning, Who’s Losing, and Why.
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File Duty to Disclose in Illinois After Kadlec?
In the wake of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals’ recent reversal of the Kadlecdecision, many hospitals are left questioning whether laws in their state create a duty to disclose information when responding to third-party inquiries about current and former medical staff physicians who have documented quality of care or impairment problems. As you may recall, because the Fifth Circuit’s interpretation of this issue turned on state law in Louisiana, the analysis of whether a duty to disclose exists will vary from state to state.
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