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Marketing Page Utilization Review Guide
Sorting Out the Patient Care Puzzle: The Role of IROs and Medical Management Companies
Marketing Page Health Plan Case Study
Discover how one large health plan uses AllMed to help independently scrutinize their complex and questionable cases while maintaining quality and ensuring ...
Marketing Page Medical Review Solutions Brochure
Download our brochure and learn how AllMed's payer solutions improve quality and reduce costs for health insurance carriers, medical management organizations, ...
Marketing Page Managing Conflict of Interest in a Rural Facility
Learn how a smaller rural facility uses AllMed's external peer review solutions to manage conflicts of interest and improve turnaround time on sensitive ...
Marketing Page Reducing Waste, Fraud & Abuse Within Cardiac Departments
Discover best practices for identifying and eliminating cardiac overutilization in your facility.
Marketing Page Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine
Discover the latest advances in diagnostic nuclear medicine and molecular imaging for cancer management, including technologies such as scintigraphy, ...
Marketing Page External Peer Review Services Brochure
Learn more about AllMed's External Peer Review Services
Article Hospital Peer Review Professionals Learn About Common Complications Associated with LVAD Implantation
Marketing Page White Paper - Reducing Overutilization of ICDs & the LifeVest
Recent data suggest that nearly 20% of patients in the United States who receive an ICD do not meet current guidelines for patient selection. Unnecessary ...
Article Peer Review Professionals Learn How to Manage Risk in the Emergency Department
Collection Data Sheets for Hospitals
Marketing Page Managing Risk in Your Emergency Department
Learn how ongoing external peer review can help your hospital improve the quality of care it provides for patients who present to the Emergency Department.
Marketing Page AllMed IT Security
Learn about our policies, controls, technology infrastructure, and certifications that ensure our IT Security program meets our clients' stringent ...