Dr. Skip's Medical Peer Review Blog: Independent Review and Mass Customization

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Independent Review and Mass Customization

When you have hundreds of reviews being done each day and dozens and dozens of clients who are each asking for the reviews to be prepared just slightly differently from each other you can imagine how intricate it is to manage all of those different reviews and customize them according to each client's exact needs. We call this mass customization, which is certainly what is referred to in manufacturing when companies are mass-producing lots of different variants of the same product. Dell computers is probably the best example of a mass customization company who has really mastered this concept. Similarly, IROs also have an incredible ability to mass customize their product and service. The reason this gets done is because each new client has it's own set of parameters that are recorded into the IRO's operating procedures. An IRO needs to be able to mass customize in order to meet the demanding requirements of each of it's different clients.

Why do those requirements vary so much from company to company? Well, IROs are used differently by just about every single type of business. Some companies do first level reviews. Other companies are doing second and third level appeals. Some clients are using us for preauthorizations of medical treatments. Yet again, another group of clients could be looking at us to do quality management reviews. Each of those clients has a different set of needs and the independent medical reviews that we provide for them are integrated into their operations at a different stage of the process. This is why it is so important that an IRO can customize each review to each client’s requirements in addition to meeting demanding turn around times.

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